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Aquarium AU - Preface


Welcome to the Notebook Aquarium.

One of the largest aquariums on the east coast! We feature a wide variety of creatures from all over the world and also unique to our local waters. Mermaid, dolphin and whale shows daily! Guided tours available!

Please pick up a brochure at the front desk and check out our wonderful exhibits.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

BeachHouse: Saturday Shenanigans Part 1

Author's Note: Very peaceful music generates peaceful atmosphere when writing. Lol warning, a lot of exposition in this one.

The amount of booze consumed that Friday evening rivaled that of a college kegger. The members of the Notebook got rowdy, but only enough to warrant the neighbors knocking on their door once. They were considerably lucky that the newlyweds did not call the cops.

The whooping and hollering of their game of spin the bottle drew to a hazy close as those with higher tolerances helped those without. Jade snapped a photo of GJ carrying Alex so sweetly to bed sound asleep against his shoulder.

Kai was Sunny's crutch while the rest managed fine on their own.


Jen stood, wobbled and fell on top of Ty, who was already having a hard time getting up. The redhead giggled in fits at the predicament, unlike Ty that was protesting her laying on top of him.

Altmega could not look Hyper in the eye after what happened in the spin the bottle game. Not without a faint blush. (Same scenario with Kloud to Ty, lol)

Jade got it on camera. Jade had all of their shenanigans on camera. Oooooooh the blackmail... Ms. Oba was surely swimming in it.

Those remaining awake bid each other good night and most immediately fell asleep, if not, they weren't too far behind.

Saturday morning started slow - near a snail's pace.

Jade was not usually one to get up early, but she had set her alarm at 06.40 to wake up and watch the sunrise ascending over the oceanic horizon. She sat in one of the white and green striped lounge chairs lining the back deck wrapped in a blue blanket. The morning air was cool, causing clouds of steam to rise from the cup of tea in her hand.

A few minutes into to her tea, Jen poked her head out with a, "Good morning," and wandered to the railing with her phone to get pictures of the pastel hues of the brightening sky. Like Jade, she was clad only in her long pajama pants, loose tank and bare feet, the redhead excused herself and disappeared through the dunes down to the beach - probably for more pictures.

Once the sun had breached the horizon, Jade gathered her journal from the side table and began writing poetry. The dull roar of the waves and occasional cry of the seagulls were giving her inspiration. Part of her debated going inside and back to sleep, but it was just so.... Peaceful.

Jen returned from her excursion a half hour later and went right back inside, shivering a little through a grin. Despite the temperature warming up a good bit, the strong breeze coming off of the ocean still produced some chills. It really didn't feel like spring at all.

Around 8 is when Ty, got up. Sporting his black, blue lined wet suit, he bid Jade a good morning and took off for the beach cradling his beat up surfboard. It was also an oddity to see Ty up that early, considering it was near impossible to get little boy blue up in any other circumstance.

For a good while, Jade watched him, occasionally peering down and jotting down some lines.

It wasn't until around 9 or so when more of the band started trickling downstairs - very hazy from the night before.

Jade was in the middle of a line about a spine and graphite when Kloud walked out onto the deck, his laptop case by his side and kissed the top of her head, greeting her with a smile. "Morning Dragonet."

"Good Morning Waya."  Jade had been focused for a long while. A smirk crossed her face while she stretched. "Care to join me?" She yawned and gestured to the chair beside her.

"It would be my pleasure my dear." Kloud nodded, sitting down just as the elder Springs twin stepped out with a yawn. Kloud dished out his laptop to stash the evidence from the previous night and make room on the memory card for more pictures of their shenanigans. Mega sat on the picnic table bench and fiddled with his phone.

From there more and more of the band came awake and active. Above them the sky deepened into an almost jewel blue.

In the kitchen, Gjynn started making empanadas, aided by a groggy Hyper. Sunny laid on the couch, attempting to will away the headache and straightening up everything within reach.

Kai was fishing around the upstairs trying to find his girlfriend pain killers - aided by Jen offered some from her suitcase.

Despite their best efforts to be quiet, Alex woke up as Jen was looking, finally rolling out of bed just after 10, making her the last one up. It was unusual, as she was usually the first one awake, like always. And by roll out of bed, she tumbled off the edge, comforter and all.

A rising hunger grumbled in Jades belly, becoming quite prominent in the mid morning sun. Jade collected the blanket, hung on the back of her chair, and ventured into the aromatic beachhouse.

It was about time to get dressed if she wanted to go beach walking today.

The smell of delicious empanadas made her stomach audibly growl.

Well, after breakfast.

Okahli: Sequel 02

Little rushed but really wanted to get this out of my head... it's a little fluffy and a little tense... sorry lol
Rinee pushed open the front door to hers and Jess' apartment. Not even a step in and suddenly she was pulled inside by the wrist. Instantly he was crushed against something firm... and fleshy. A thick evergreen and forest scent surrounded her and she instantly knew who it was.

"K-Kino?" she sputtered, muffled against his scarred chest. Even after seeing his picture, it was still hard for her to believe that he was actually here. However, in this moment, the ten years had melted away, and it felt so good to feel him hold her again. Warily she looked up and met his gaze - which was not as far away as she remembered.

The dog beast pulled away and blinked at her, "Yaou baavae grown taller." It only took her a second before the words of the foreign language came back to her.

"Good to see you too." she replied in flawless Okahlian, "You haven't really changed much."

"You're no longer a tiny human girl," he said bluntly, however finished in awe, "You are a woman now."

A light blush crossed her face, she laughed, "Th-thanks, comes with age you know -"

"Uhm ... excuse me?" Jess interjected in English with his arms crossed, really not liking the way they were getting so chummy so quickly. Jess was very tall, short sandy blonde hair, bright green eyes, rather built, with a disapproving look - like a father sizing up his daughter's date, "Rinee, please ask him what he's doing here and when is he leaving."

Both Rinee and Kino blinked at him, the latter still unable to understand English. Rinee laughed sheepishly, and gestured to the dog beast,  "Oh yes! Uh, this is Kino, he's an old friend of mine--"

"You said "Ex" on the phone." Jess pointed out, narrowing his eyes at her.

"Well..." teal eyes blinked for a second at his comment. "We did go out briefly, but it was a LONG time ago.
she manuevered past the two of them and set her purse down on the stairway behind the door. "We've wound up being old friends."

At her roommate's raised eyebrow Rinee turned to Kino and began in OKahlian, this time gesturing towards Jess, "Kino, this is Jess of whom I share my apartment with, he serves as a warrior for my country." Kino didn't verbally responded, but just simply watched the man.

Rinee smile oblivious to the growing intensity between the men, "So put simply," she gestured to each respectively, "Kino, Jess, Jess Kino." Both eyed each other warily however held their hands out to shake. It was one of the few customs Kino retained from his previous visit to this world.

They kept gazes locked while they squeezed hands. Each gripped tightly, seeming to size each other up Especially as each appeared to be hilariously and equally protective over the only translator in their midst.

Kino eyed the human she referred. His stature was rigid, cold and calculating like a soldier - had this human been enlisted into his army - there were no doubts that he would excell. However the only thing the man had going for him right now was that he'd offered Kino some breaded cheese. Past that, nary a bone in his body trusted the man.  If he truly resided with Rinee, Kino would need to ensure that this human was worthy of her time and her home. Otherwise there might be some hell to pay.

Jess'd carefully watched the two of them interacting. There was a familiarity that he didn't trust about the newcomer. Their interactions so far had been friendly and seemingly close, however he was gettin weird vibes from this guy that put him on edge. It didn't help that they spent an awkward hour and a half just now practically staring at each other with distrust because neither understood the other. They only found a temporary truce when Jess had followed Rinee's advice and he microwaved the mozzarella sticks from the freezer. The fact that this ...man... with... cat ears... was her ex - it could only spell disaster.

Kino was 6'5", Jess was 6'4". Standing almost eye to eye, an invisible wall of electricity seethed between them.  After a full minute of glaring and maintaining the same handshake, Rinee looked between them rather awkwardly, "I will ...uh go order our pizza now."

Rinee squeezed behind them and walked over towards the kitchen, collecting a plate with only one mozzarella stick on it off of the living area coffee table. She then walked closer and picked up her tablet that was resting very lonely on the dining room table. Her mind wandered a little bit.
Maybe if the two could get along they could even become friends. Kino was a bit of a butt head a times, but invariably a good friend. Jess was strong and dependable, definitely friendship material.

Glancing down at the plate, she could tell there had been more - probably the last of the bunch from the box that'd been in the freezer since Christmas of last year. Jess probably accepted her advice, she smiled at the thought of them getting along. Honestly she'd half expected them to be duking it out on the floor when she walked in. Given that Jess was in the army, the man had a pretty decent run for his money against the dog beast. Absently she grabbed and bit into the now room temperature mozzarella stick.

A smile crossed her face and she looked back at the door just as the two finally broke the handshake and Jess motioned for Kino to go back to the living area. "Hey Jess, can you plug my phone in? It's in my purse, main compartment." From across the room he hummed an uhhuh and reached into her purse.

Kino halted and watched Jess.

"Kino?" the dog beast snapped to attention to her, "What kind of pizza do you like?"


Okahli: Sequel 00

DAMNIT Kino wouldn't shut up today until I wrote something so here we go.

Today had been a pretty good day at work, quite frankly. It was very close to shift change and Rinee's store had already made their goals for the day. Two people pierced with gold earrings and her warranties were at an amazing 80%. Literally the only thing that could ruin today was the world crumbling to pieces. The quota bonus was guaranteed for next week's paycheck as she'd maintained over half of sales all week.

After bidding her last customer farewell Rinee cleaned up the piercing area, then removed her gloves. It was only an hour before she got to go home and on such a good day too. A short grin crossed her face as she pulled up beside the register to check her stats.

From behind her she heard the girl from the neighboring kiosk walk up and practically slam her palms on the glass counter, "So let me ask you something NeeNee-"

Rinee smirked at her apparent adopted nickname. She glanced over her shoulder to see the young girl's short dark hair, pulled into a tight ponytail that barely reached the nape of her neck, and furrowed eyebrows crowning honey brown eyes. Sky braced both hands against the metal edge of the glass and leaned in to stare at the gold jewelry displayed beneathe her. Quickly Rinee jotted down the final numbers of her day. "What's wrong?"

A growl came from the girls throat. "Who the hell would steal an empty box?" The girl's pitched voice crooned in aggrivation. It was the second time this week, and the display boxes were beginning to dwindle in number. All of the e-cigarettes the neighboring stand carried were locked away inside the kiosk cabinet.

Once she was finished Rinee siddled up to the counter and leaned to face the food court directly adjacent to their stands. Rinee offered her a shrug, "Maybe it was a kid - "

"Oh it was," the girl glanced towards the other end of the foodcourt where a young man in a blue hoodie peered suspiciously into said box. Rinee followed her gaze, "I'd call the newbie Chris to take care of him." a smirk crossed her features at the thought of the new mall security guard, of whom had a growing reputation for getting physical with thieves.

"Dumbass would deserve him." As if by timing one of the older security guards rounded the corner from the food court restrooms and scowered the court. There was a very mild confrontation, both girls groaned when the young man didn't run, but rather walked alongside of the security guard. "Well, looks like I get my box back - "

"That's a first." Rinee mused, "Have fun chiding the poor fellow. Lay into him well."

An evil chuckle left Sky as she departed and met up with the security guard and thief. Rinee watched in amusement, occasionally glancing to see if she'd had any more customers, luckily nothing tore her away from the spectacle of justice. Especially when Sky nearly made him cry. The spunky, very southern, girl also was a coworker on the weekend. Like Rinee, the trade had forced them to use each other as practice. Sky had several piercings in each ear. Rinee only had two in each. Thirds hurt like a bitch each and every time they trained a newhire. Her thoughts drifted around quite a bit and she started to absently play with her piercings.

The shaken boy was released a few minutes later, and the empty box returned to the stand. The security guard stayed to file some paperwork with Sky. The scene was interrupted by Rinee's cellphone buzzing behind the register next to the store phone. Curiously she snapped out of her daze and moseyed over. "Who could that be I wonder," she murmered aloud stepping through the small walkway to where her phone lay.

On the screen flashed her roommates photo, from years ago when they first started hanging out. Glancing around the stand one more time to ensure that no one was going to walk up or ask her questions out of the blue, she answered and held it to her ear, "Hey Jess - "

"RINEE-" was literally the only thing she recognized before she jerked the phone back from him screaming through the ear piece. "~NOW!"

"Woah! Slow down!! I didn't understand any of that," she finally responded after he paused, "You need to calm down....and slowly, tell me what happened?"

On the other end, she could hear Jess take a deep breathe and start again, "Rinee. There is a man," he still sounded very panicked, "In our house. I don't know this man. He has said your name. Which is why I called you first - "

"Wait wait wait - !" she exclaimed, "Say what now?"

"There's a half naked guy with weird hair here who apparently knows you."

Rinee was dumbfounded, "Where did he come from?"

"I have no fucking clue - " Jess sounded very upset, "All I wanted to do, was play borderlands, and there's some random guy, in our fucking living room!"

"Well have you asked him who he is?"

"Yes! But I have no fucking clue - he's speaking some crazy ass language!"

That seriously made her freeze. Weird hair. Weird language. Appears out of nowhere. Thoughts of her teen years rushed to her mind that made her shudder lightly. They were easily suppressed though. Unfortunately, her throat was arid and not even a quick sip from her water bottle had helped. Carefully she swallowed, "Can you send me a picture? Maybe I know this person, since he said my name afterall."

"Yeah, yeah. Just give me a minute."

Rustling could be heard coming from the other end so she glanced around for customers again, however this time Sky had walked up behind her and had arms folded against her chest, leaning against the glass. Rinee spun around and sighed.

'What's wrong' the girl mouthed in concerned seeing the worried expression on Rinee's face.
"We have an unexpected guest at the apartment." Rinee commented aloud, pulling the phone from her ear and checking her messages. Still hadn't come in yet.

"A robber?"

"Very unlikely - "

"Family?" Sky looked down to inspect the silver rings in the case below her arms.

"Not sure." Rinee pushed the speakerphone button and set the phone on the counter, then instinctually opened up the case so she could pull out jewelry if need be. "The person apparently knows my name, but Jess doesn't know him."

"Maybe an ex bent on revenge?" Sky pointed at one of the plain silver rings and Rinee automatically pulled it out for the girl to try on.

Rinee huffed a laugh, her last two boyfriends were still her friends. The only other ex she had, was LITERALLY not of this world. A tick worked in her jaw, not that they ever became anything more than a fleeting night of passion anyway. "Nah, my exes are pretty cool." Besides, latter was probably dead by now, seeing as how the time flowed differently in his world.

"Sent!" Suddenly Jess's voice popped back up on the phone. With one fluid movement she collected the phone, turned off the speaker phone and began the private conversation once more. Jess continued on the other end, his voice still betrayed a shaking demeanor, "It should be there momentarily -" Rinee pulled a ring to try on herself, "Look Rinee, I haven't called the cops only because he said your name, if you know this guy then you seriously have GOT to tell him - in whatever god-forsaken language- that he needs to be invited first." A ding interrupted him, signalling that she recieved his message, "I about shot the mother-fucker-!"

"Jess!" Rinee huffed, "Please calm down okay?" Again she pulled the phone away to look at the screen. After a few taps a picture displayed of someone she seriously had not seen in years.

Like... almost a decade. Breathe caught in her throat she could not believe what she was seeing. Bright amber eyes lit with fire, and shocking white hair. What threw her off were the small triangles that protruded from atop his head. The expression he bore in the picture was a cross between curiosity and frustration.

Sky saw the look on her coworkers face and leaned in to see the picture, "You know that guy?"

Every fibre within her body had froze. A chill ran up and down her spine as horrifying memories raced through her mind. Not caused by him specifically, but where he came from...every last haunting thought clawed at the clasp of her pandora's box and threatened to unleash a panic mode had she not turned her eyes to look at the jewelry below them instead.

"Rinee?" Jess's voice sounded soft far away from her ear, without looking at the screen again, she recovered and brought it back to her ear, "Hey Jess...he...," even Sky was watching her with bated breath, "he's..."

"Who is he Rinee?!" Jess all but shouted.

Rinee visibly winced at his tone, and perhaps at the impending looks she'd gather from what she was about to say, "He's my ex."

There was silence on the other end while Sky gaped at her. Suddenly the girl thrust her hands up and walked back to her own kiosk at the sight of a customer, "CALLED IT!"

"Jess..." Rinee started, "I get off in less than an hour, I'll get all of this straightened out, okay?"

"What am I supposed to do - "

"If you feed him, he'll be your best friend in the world." That effectively made Jess quiet. "Tell you what.." Rinee put the ring she'd been trying on back and locked up the case, "Feed him the leftovers in the fridge. Pizza is on me tonight, I'll order and have it delivered."
"Okay." Upset really didn't describe the tone he was talkin in. It was rather an understatement.

And she knew that. "We'll even get your favorite - the hawaiian."

The man sighed, "Okay, get home quickly."

"Alright, and I'm so sorry about all of this. Text or call me if you need anything."

"We'll start with food. Bye." he hung up - yeah, he was clearly pissed off. Which worried her a little bit - considering that Jess didn't really get mad that often.

It wasn't exactly her fault that this happened, though. The fates rarely stood on her side.

Speaking of - she noticed a hole in the display and rolled her eyes - before corporate decided to meander her way she should probably make sure that ring Sky tried on got back to the case before their other co-worker Brittany came in, in a few minutes.

There was a nagging feeling in the back of her mind that the stars were aligning, and not in her favor.

WIP: Ty's BASIC Family Tree

Tyler Jerome Kudou - September 5

Anne Woya Stillwater - November 26
[Divorced from]
Jeong Kyu Kudou - November 10
[ReMarried after Baby] Vanessa Ancherage - May 18

Karina Diane Stillwater - February 12
Jordan Evans Ancherage - March 15

Paternal Grandparents
Sang Hee Soh -
Jin-ho Ku Do -

Paternal Aunts/Uncles
Kim Li Kudou
[Married]Heilyn Wei Saunders

Sue Na Kudou
[Married]Richard James Coleman

Paternal Cousins
Andrew Preston Kudou
[Married]Avery Scarlet Johnson

John William Kudou -
Garrett Scott Kudou -
Amy Sang Kudou - (NB)

Paul Donovan Coleman -
Markus Jonah Coleman -
Matthew Lucas Coleman -

Maternal Grandparents
(I am not sure if already established, but can do research and provide)

Maternal Aunts/Uncles
Melanie Stillwater (Deceased)
[Married]Lihun Kloud

Maternal Cousins
Hunter Aiden Kloud

Band Story Jen's Family Tree

Jennifer Ashlyn Little - July 7

Robert Beauregard Little - February 8
Kathryn Skye Pickens - March 3
Carlton Robert Little - February 12 (Six years older than Jen)

Paternal Grandparents
Alicia Lorraine Sommerson "Pachoo" - September 29
Beauregard Robert Little "Bobo" - October 19 (Deceased)

Maternal Grandparents
Frederick Carlton Little - October 28 (Deceased)
Elizabeth Ashlyn Creek - June 15

Maternal Aunts/Uncles
Charice Annette Little - April 20
[Married to]Mitchell Evan Rodriguez - August 12

Mariah Claire Little - July 29
[Divorced from]Aiden Richard Smith - May 2
[Remarried to] Stephen Christian Garrison - November 21
Rose Addalaide Little April 11

Maternal Cousins
Christa Leigh Rodriguez September 10 (4 years younger than Jen)
Mitchell Even Rodriguez, Jr. - December 13 (4 years older than Jen)
Charon Elizabeth Rodreiguez - September 27 (10 years older than Jen)

Audrey Elizabeth Smith - July 17 (8 years younger than Jen)
William Hans Smith - June 8 (12 years younger than Jen)

Thomas Scott Little - May 21 (2 years older than Jen)
Jacob Spencer Little - March 3 (3 years older than Jen)

Alex's Family Tree

Alexis Lin Yamanouchi - January 3

Bioloical Parents
William Cullen Yamanouchi - May 20
Jill Lien Jiang - December 8 (Deceased)

Bitch of a Step Mother
Cassandra Judith Hart - April 15

Paternal Grandparents
Naaza Yamanouchi "Ojii-san" - June 20
Alicia Bernadette Reinstadt - September 29 (Deceased)

Paternal Aunts/Uncles
Anna Gabriele Yamanouchi - October 20 (4 years younger than Will)
[Married to] Brian Allen Kipper - July 24 (Deceased)

Paternal Cousins
Oliver Ashton Kipper - February 11 (1 year older than Alex)
Christine Alicia Kipper - August 18 (5 years younger)

Maternal Grandparents
Gan Heng Jiang - "Papi" August 8
Jenna Raye McMillian - "Moma" February 20

Maternal Aunts/Uncles
Robert Qiu Jiang - March 7 (2 years younger than Jill)
[Married to]Evelyn Allison Tucker - November 18
Vanessa Ai Jiang - February 14 (4 years older than Jill)

Maternal Cousins
Sarah Mei Jiang - July 16 (3 years younger than Alex)
Thomas Peter Jiang - April 19 (6 years younger than Alex)
Raye Lien Jiang - August 18 (6 years older than Alex)

BandStory: BeachHouse Part 3-B SHIPS

Major Disclaimers: I'm sick. I blame Jade. Hastily written. Review my mistake.

Continued from 3-A

Kai blinked from across the way as the bottle landed on him. The exact same expression colored Jen's face from across the circle. Seeing as the redhead was still cooling off from her irked spell she stood without ceremony. The two met in the middle an shared a rather chaste kiss on the lips before turning back around and moseying to their seats.

Now clinging to GJ's arm, Alex booed them in slurs, "That was ssssso anti-climag-tic -"

"Alex..." Gjynn looked down and snickered at her, "Are you drunk already?"

A hiccup escaped her lips and she blushed, and buried her face in his shoulder. She mumbled out that she was very tipsy and then trailed on to how he smelled nice and started humming the background music of the anime. Softly he shook his head and gently kissed the top of hers.

Hyper braced both of her cheeks in her palms and cooed at the two with a huge grin, "Awwww it's so sweet!"

Jade grabbed the bottle, and spun. Not even a second later, she'd taken pictures of them in their adorble splendor. As far as the camera was concerned, her reaction time was faster than lightning.

The bottle, oddly enough, pointed towards on Alex.

Gjynn laughed and poked his girlfriend in attempts to rouse her, "Hun, you gotta kiss Jade." A low grumble permeated her throat at the offending subsequential pokes until she finally jabbed one of his tickle spots, causing him to jerk and stop his tirade. With a sigh, he then gave a sheepish look to Jade, "She's not budging."

Jade offered an amused snort, "It's okay dearie, I got this." she remarked before making her way over. The brunette crawled over Kloud's legs to kneel in front of GJ and Alex. Pushing her curly hair back she leaned over and planted a smooch on Alex's head. Said girl didn't move, but rather relaxed a little. A chuckle left Jade's lips, and on her way back to her spot, grabbed the bottle and handed it to her boyfriend.

"Oh my god, you guys are way too adorable." Jen said in mock-disgust, "Please stop...it's too much cute."

Kloud grasped the bottle. Unsure of what was to come, he spun the bottle with great effort - only to have it land on Gjynn. The two glanced at each other, and before Kloud could say a word, Gjynn used his free hand to offer him the bottle of vodka Alex had been taking shots from.

"Thank you," Kloud smirked, quickly poured himself a shot and toasted the man. A sharp breath left him at the burning before he grasped the empty wine bottle again and spun.

As if it had a sadistic mind of its own, it slowed and landed on Mega, who only shook his head slowly.
"Take a shot, buddy."

Kloud only sighed and followed through. Feeling a really good buzz slam into him, he reached for the game bottle and tried one more time. "This is it, lucky number 3."

After a few moments, Kloud grimaced lightly as the bottle spout stopped on the absolute last person he'd wanted to kiss. From his right side Jade snorted. Most of the others voiced their encouragement or giggled.

"Take it from me Kloud, you have your work cut out for you." Jen laughed, face completely flush from being tipsy.
Ty shoved at her lightly, causing her to roll into Jade laughing.

Sunny chipped in bearing a wide grin, "Well you did say 'this [was] it'. Come on! You can do it!"

Kloud glanced at the bottle of vodka again, pondered a second, then looked at Jade - who only shrugged, "I would!"

A frown crossed his features, "Of course YOU would."

Ty offered, his hand up to his cousin as a pledge, "I promise I won't make it more awkward than it already is."
There was a slight bit of indecision that flashed on his face before he finally set the vodka down and nodded.

"Okay," Ty grinned, and moved to stand in the middle, "Alright cuz, pucker up."

He hesitantly got up and faced his cousin, "You don't have to do this, you know..."

Ty smirked in a tipsy haze, "Just think of your girlfriend in a sexy bathing suit."

In Kloud's brief moment of hesitation to think about this, Ty cupped his face and brought them together. Kloud stiffened as he felt a firmness against his lips, but he quickly realized that his cousin had put his thumb there, so that they weren't actually kissing.

The group howled in laughter, Jade shot up to take pictures. Mischeiviously, Kloud slipped a hand behind Ty's head and tilted his head to "deepen" the kiss. He heard Ty snort lightly and he slid his free hand to his lower back and pulled him "closer".

Finally after a few seconds the cousins pulled away, looked at each other, and burst out laughing along with the rest of the group.

"All on camera!" Jade proudly presented her baby to the group. Sunny was wiping tears of laughter away from her eyes while Jen held her stomach from giggling maniacally.
"Woman!" Hyper suddenly pointed at Jade, "You get those developed! PRONTO!"

"Oui, mon capitaine!" Jade saluted and sat back down quickly followed by Kloud and Ty who chuckled as they plopped back down in their respective spots.

Once seated Ty made a motion to Kloud: holding an invisible phone to his ear and mouthed "Call me" causing the Vietnemese to snort and hold his shaking head.

Jade placed a posessive hand on Klouds chest, "No honey," eyeing Ty with a mock glare, "This is my man."

Ty only laughed. Kloud nudged the bottle towards Gjynn as it was his turn.

The bottle was accepted and spun with great hesitation. Gjynn glared at the bottle, "So help me, if you land on a guy - " it slowed and pointed to Hyper, much to his relief. Unfortunately, Alex still had a booze laden death grip on him, "Hyper? I can't get up."

Hyper griggled and abliged. Gaining some rather unexpected attention because at that same moment, oddly enough, the haze of the liquor gave Mega the necessary apathy to stare at her rear as she crawled over. Which was not lost on Sunny, Jade or Jen - who kept switching back and forth between Hyper, Mega and each other knowingly.

Oh, it was so obvious.

Sunny grinned once Hyper kissed his cheek and shimmied her way back, "Since Alex is out of commission for her turn, I vote that we nominate two people to kiss."

Immediatly she recieved a glare from the guys. She held up her hands,"Don't worry, I know, I know. Which is why I vote for the guy to be Mega and the girl to be Hyper."

Mega whipped his head so fast at her you could hear the sound barrier being broken.

"Any other suggestions?" Sunny cheerfully grinned at the rest of them, Mega sat up straight and eyed her with a silent warning glare.

Jen sat up and grinned, raising her hand up, "I think Sunny's proposal is the most suitable. I second."

"Third," Jade smirked.

"Anything from the men?" Sunny looked at each one, of whom were a cross between wary and shrugs. "Alright, women's majority rules. Hyper? Mega -"

"Sunny!" Mega growled effectively killing the jovial mood. The only sounds amidst them all was the credit themes playing for the anime still playing in the background.

Clenching his fist he could feel a blush creeping along his skin, he was about to stand when Hyper suddenly tugged at his unprepared arm. "Mega?" Usually he was so careful but he momentarily lost his momentum and slid backwards towards her. When he looked back she was on her knees, level with him and caught his lips.

He froze, unable to discern the swirling thoughts that were leaving his head at the touch of her soft warm lips. It took everything in his power not to melt. Not to relish the kiss. Not to let his eyes roll to the back of his head at the sensation. Not to reach out and wrap his arms around her. His hands twitched and his body was rigid as he forced himself not to react.

The seconds were brief but absolutely consumed him. Around him he heard muffled sounds of cheers and laughter however they were drowned in the moment.

Hyper leaned away from him with a half grin, and the warm moment was shattered and reality hazily came back into focus.

"See? It wasn't that bad." Her soft voice permeated the muffled sounds around them, "Although I was hoping for one like you gave Jade."

Many wicked thoughts passed through his head but he suppressed it and offered only a lopsided grin, "Sorry."

Jen chuckled softly to Jade, "I ship it."

Jade paused and gave her an exasperated look. "You have no idea."

Again... sick.. Blaming Jade. Review my Mistake... please.

Okahli: Sequel 01

This is a one shot. Main story is not concluded... obviously, but this popped into my head yesterday and so I had to write it.

It was twilight and Rinee was just getting home from her job over at the mall. She pulled her car into a parking space right outside of her apartment and threw the gear into park. Her phone had been buzzing with numerous texts, videos and picture messages since three that afternoon.
According to the initial phone call her roommate Jess had made, there was a strange man passed out on their living room couch. He had walked downstairs - about to play a level grinding campaign on Borderlands 2 when everything about his day off was sent into a spiral of chaos.

Luckily she was the first person he called, and not the police, which would have been her first reaction. More so it was to see if she knew him. After a picture message later, and a confirmation, it seemed that and old friend of hers had randomly appeared after almost a decade of no contact.

A pitiful cry from her phone told her that it was about to perish from a low battery. Responding to way too many picture messages and literally texting every few minutes since earlier that day had drained the battery faster than imaginable.

Absently she chewed her bottom lip while the R&B played lightly in the background. There had to be a reason for his sudden appearance. Fate seldom allows coincidences and random happenstances.

Bad memories swelled to the surface as a sickening thought crossed her mind and she visibly cringed.

Did his appearance mean she would have to go back? Back to that hellhole? Honestly, there were a couple good times, but she kissed off that portion of her life and the trials she'd endured to surpass and finally make it back home. Every ounce of her would go kicking and screaming.

Especially after...

Immediately a firm mental wall shot up to prevent a trigger of an anxiety attack. It only flared when the thought of returning to that backwards world flitted across her mind.

Rinee's eyes were drawn to her white knuckles pinned to the steering wheel. A groan escaped her lips and she took deep breaths causing her chest to swell and relax.

"Don't think about it." But even as she told herself that, it started infecting her mind with the terrifying thought.

Carefully she pried her tight fingers off of the steering wheel in order to gather her things to go inside.

After ensuring that she had everything, Rinee reached up and turned the car off, gathering the keys into her purse beside her dying phone. Each motion was autopilot, soon the ritualistic motions helped her out of the car, locked up and headed towards her front door.

Absolute dread for what lay inside consumed every fiber of her body. Even though she was following the motions, her mind had to fight the urge to turnabout and skip town without hesitation.

The doorhandle clinked as she clutched it with trembling hands.

Here went nothing.

So, Rinee has a bit of PTSD from before.

What do you think so far? Grammar, sentences, flow. Please enlighten me your thoughts.

Okahli Part 007? Caution on Language

This takes place after Rinee is captured by Kino, forced into his army (for about a week) then Battle for Senshuron - which wound up being a smack-fest between the King and Kino.

Rinee woke up completely sore from the shoulder-blades down. Her back felt like it was on fire. The only saving grace was that she was laying on her stomach on some plush material. Soft moans escaped her lips as she relished the long forgotten comfort of what seemed like a pillow.  Perhaps if the pain could just go away she could simply melt back to sleep and wake up in her own bed, in her own world.

The muted throb in her back spoke otherwise. It protested its own existence. The world around her seemed to congeal as her senses awakened from their slumber. The air was cool against her exposed lower back, while the rest of her was covered in coarse wool blankets. She began to realize that she hadn't died from blood loss at all - and here she thought she'd been in heaven because of the plush pillow underneath her.

Slowly she turned her head to get some fresh cool air through her nostrils and the movement set fire to her back again, but at least she could have nice air flow now. Opening her eyes, she looked blearily to the side she was facing and saw a figure sleeping beside her, it was small. Definitely not Tharean, or that jerk, Kino. After a few blinks and a tearful yawn she made it out to be a young child, probably no older than five. Carefully she reached up and brushed the hair from her own face so she could see him a little better and tucked it behind her ear.

A small gasp hitched in her throat when she realized that it was the young boy she had dove in to save from the battle between Kino and the king - when they both turned into monsters to fight each other. The boy was sleeping peacefully in the corner - he looked to be unscathed for the most part. She bit her lip, poor thing was probably traumatized.

A snort escaped her, as if she weren't traumatized by this whole thing.

Either way, she needed to get up and check on the others. Rinee knew that there were many who were hurt in the battle and they needed medical attention, maybe her high tech smarts could help those who needed it. Probably not, but it wouldn't hurt.

With the grace of a baby horse's first walk, she painfully rose up until she was in a kneeling position on the bed. Various but numerous parts of her body were protesting the movement, especially her bladder. Then she remembered that this world seldom had indoor plumbing, as her eyes settled on the chamber pot to the side.

Again... she hated this world. Between giant beasts, everything wanting to kill her, to lack of basic conveniences... Oh, she looked down, and waking up completely naked... again. This world could go rot in hell.

Carefully she got up and made her way to the chamberpot. At least, Rinee rescinded, it was inside, and she didn't have to go in the bushes.... again.


Kino pulled another beam from the rubble that remain of the front of the castle. If he had any choice in the matter, he would say fuck them all and depart. But this was his homeland. The Kingdom he was meant to rule, not his brother, but him. The townsfolk had carted off Arcus' body the day before and were now helping to clean up the mess made while fighting.

His father's amber crest beat absently against his bare chest while he pulled more brick and debris from the massive pile. He tossed the beam in his arms to the side while one of his men caught it and then handed it off to one of the townsfolk. He pulled another and repeated the process lost in thought. Bearing that crest meant he was their leader, their king. For so many years he strove for this shining glory, to fulfill his birthright as promised by his father, even before he was the warrior of fire.

Being the king also meant tedious and monotonous duties that he had to fulfill. In all his life, he'd never planned on actually succeeding in taking the castle. Memories of the other night crept back into his mind. The look on his brother's dying face. The look of hatred and betrayal.

After learning of his sister's murder, Kino snapped. Completely.

Any shred of hope he'd had for reuniting with his family had been dashed. His parents were killed, his sister was murdered and he just killed his only living relative, his brother. It made him feel a profound emptiness inside. At least when he'd aspired to being King, he had hopes of reuniting with his siblings and appealing to their father. But they were all dead. Emptiness ebbed at his senses and he was numb. Save for barking orders to his troops in the effort of cleaning up, he could not feel anything but pain coming from inside.

They were almost done sifting through the rubble for the day, and the following day they would begin to rebuild. Everything would be restored, from the castle to all the homes. There were still graves to be made, ceremonies to be held to help the dead move on, there were coronation ceremonies and so many other things to get done to restore the kingdom to its former glory. Not to mention integrating his twenty-five hundred soldiers into the kingdom. Finding homes for them, making decisions and so forth.

All of this work to get done and it meant absolutely nothing to him right now. He couldn't feel anything but pain and emptiness.

"Kino!" Hilde's voice rang out from behind him as he tossed a brick to the receiving soldier. Kino watched his master run up in approach and cross her arm over her chest and bowed slightly in respect, she spoke in his native language, "Rinee-xiaojie has awakened."

"Good." That warmed him ever so slightly, as it had seemed he'd taken to actually tolerating the human girl lately - especially given that she saved one of his younger subjects, "Keep her at rest until her wound has healed, then have her report to me."

"Yes, Xiǎowáng." Hilde winked at him, causing him to stare at her slightly surprised, he was so used to her saying  'Yes Xiao General' in her snarky tone that hearing her call him 'Little King' sounded almost alien to him. The older Puma beast had a tendency to catch him off guard every time. Which made it a little uneasy when a little of the pain left him. He watched her dash back off towards the small house they'd left Rinee in, during the last leg of the battle.

The kind townsfolk had taken good care of her, especially since she was on the brink of bleeding to death. That also ebbed away a tiny bit of the pain.

This also made Kino irritated. As fucking hell.

As a man his heart should be cold, callous, and ready for the next tragedy with open arms. Maybe having his family involved had made him soft. Having people close to him made him soft.

He should be more manly, damnit!

Kino grabbed at the next brick and tossed if viciously to the side, almost decking the soldier, when he picked up another one a second later and started getting more and more pissed off. If the only way to deal with the pain of losing his family was to get pissed off, then fine... he was going to be the best damn pissed off man there was - the most productive one, at least.


It was evening time and the rays of dwindling daylight shown on the opposing wall of the bed. Rinee sat on the edge, while the healer beside her dressed her wounds. A hiss left her lips when the healer stroked her back, "Good as new", a smile stretched across the dark haired woman's face at her handiwork.

The redhead subtly nodded, however still reeling from the sting. It was difficult to shift without feeling an ache as the sword wound stretched from her left shoulder blade down to her right mid-back.

Long strips of gauze wrapped around her shoulders and torso to cover the tender raw threads of flesh that congealed along the thick jagged line down her back. There was enough gauze on her body to be its own less-than-fashionable top that, in no-way, matched the royal blue fluffy ankle length she was wearing. It had been a gift from the boy's mother as a thank you for saving him - especially since her jeans were soaked in blood. The three quarter sleeve teal top she usually wore, and ivory bra were hanging on the bed post, both  bearing a slash mark. The back part of her bra had been sliced clean through. Great. The ONE piece of clothing she desperately needed in this foreign world - her precious bra was rendered useless. She would need to repair it later. So far there were no bras to be found, and going on without was simply out of the question.

The woman laughed nervously at her patient, and moved off of the bed at Rinees light hiss. "My apologies," the woman spoke slow and carefully, so Rinee could understand. The healer stepped close to the small fire stove close to the bed and procured a small mug. Spinning on her heel, she offered it to Rinee, "please, drink this."

Steam rose in puffs and filled her nose with the minty aroma. The flavor was pungent with haughty mint after taste that made her cringe at the fierce bite. The healer chuckled at her reaction and motioned for her to drink the whole thing. Sticking out her tongue, Rinee finished and offered the empty mug to the healer. Why was the horrible tasting medicine good for you - she pondered over in her head.

A small subtle jar in her senses told Rinee that someone had entered the house. She glanced at the healer for an answer but the healer, seemed to not notice as she took the mug to the wash stand to rinse it out. The fact that the woman hadn't noticed was enough to make her pause - she found it strange. Faint muffled voices of a conversation pricked her ears, that seemed to start climbing the steps. Still, the woman had not taken notice.

"Someone is coming." Rinee spoke, in surprisingly fluent Okahlian. It was so fluent, it threw her off even more than the approaching voices. At that, she managed a very confused look on her face.

"Huh?" The woman turned around to look at her, in midst of using a towel to dry a mug. "What is it Xiaoxia?" (Little glow of sunrise) Before Rinee could answer, the conversation reached the top of the steps, causing the woman to notice, "Oh!" she nodded and smiled, "Someone is here." The tall woman grabbed a blanket and waved it open. Gently, with a mother's touch, she covered Rinee's front and gently clasped her good shoulder. "Are you feeling up to some late visitors?"

Rinee's facial expression softened, even though she was still confused to the sudden clarity in speech she was hearing, "Visitors are okay, but I am tired." It was the truth. She had been up all day with injuries, and did not rest as much as she should have and her energy levels were dwindling down.

At this point, the two were right outside. The healer grinned, "If they give you trouble, you can call me, and I will shoo them out."

"Would you please stay?" Rinee replied with a small smile. It was then she recognized the voices Tharean and Kino were right outside of the door talking ... almost arguing. She wasn't quite sure how she understood, but they were conversing about training and custody, or something along those lines.

"I know you are probably hungry." The healer straightened and backed away a little towards the door, "I will prepare some soup and be right back."

"Okay." Rinee huffed a little, with the tone of the men's voices, they were probably not the best company right now.

It seemed that the men reached a temporary truce and suddenly a sharp knock tapped at the door. With that, the healer smiled at her, "Everything will be just fine."

Rinee groaned, muttering more-so to herself, "Why do I sincerely doubt that?"

The dark haired woman to chuckled at her comment before opening the door. She eyed the two men with great scrutiny, "Keep it brief, she is still healing."

Both men paused, before Kino started, "Is she able to walk?"

"No. she can barely sit up." she paused, then added, "We are lucky that her life (spinal) cord  was not cut."

Tharean frowned at that, "How long until she will recover?"

A sigh escaped her lips as the two awaited her response, "A couple days she will hopefully be back on her feet."

The two looked at each other, apparently their argument resurfacing. Tharean inquired, "Is she able to travel on a horse?"

Kino glared at the elf, "The girl stays here."

A tic worked in Tharean's jaw, "It is imperative that she return to Tenkhu -"

"According to our contract, she is enlisted in my army."

As much as he wanted to snarl at the half breed dog, Tharean kept his cool, "According to our contract, you took her illegally."

This struck a nerve with Rinee. 'Uhm, excuse you?' she mentally ranted as they talked about her, only feet away. The back of her jaw clenched, as a subtle anger started to build as they continued. The healer was stuck in the doorway as the two were locked in debate as they had been all the way up the steps.

The woman stared at the two of them drolly, waiting for an opportunity to excuse herself, however the two continued bickering in a relatively calm manner, which made it absolutely terrifying as an agitated aura surrounded both.

The healer frowned and clapped a hand between the two to get their attention. It was quite effective as they whipped their heads - almost in sync to look at her. "She is a human, usually this kind of injury takes twice as long to heal compared to a beast or a halfling." It seems irritation made her ignore the fact that she was chiding the new king, "She will NOT be available for a few days." That promptly hushed them for a second, so she could interject an excuse to run downstairs and get Rinee some food.

The two stared at the woman's fleeing form before looking into the room at a frowning Rinee.

Tharean stepped in first and surveying the room out of habit, "Hello, Rinee." he seemed to say in slow English as Kino watched her silently.

"Hello." she replied in English, through tightly clenched teeth watching him approach slowly. The anger was actually starting to numb the pain.

Tharean knelt before her, making eye contact, "Better do you feel?" There was practically no emotion in his eyes as he asked. Rinee's eye twitched, his English was okay at best.

"Yes." she ground out, again in English.

Tharean glanced at Kino and stared again in Okahlian, "I don't know any more English."

"Is that the shitty language she's been whining in?" Kino inquired gruffly.

Tharean paused, "Yes, it's not a local language."

"Well obviously. I've never heard it before - and I've been to all corners of the world."

They were working on the last possible nerve she had. It almost amused her that she could understand what they were saying. Every single word in perfect clarity.

"If we could have a breakthrough with communication with her," Tharean briefly chewed his lip, "we could settle things more efficiently -"

"It doesn't matter if she can speak the damn language or not," Kino rolled his eyes at the elf, "we determine her fate."

Oh.... that was it.

"Kino?" she spoke softly.

The dog beast eyed her inquisitively. "Yes?" he tried his best at English glancing at Tharean (the English specialist - who nodded) to reassure that he was saying the right thing.

A quiet sigh left her lips as she looked up at him. In seemingly broken Okahlian - trying to appear as if she was struggling just to throw them a little, "What.. is ...most... bad... thing... to show.. someone?" she moved her hands to mean "gesture".

"Offensive?" Kino snorted at the off the wall question, trying to think of an obscene gesture. Then made his middle finger and thumb touch to form an "o" and flashed it at her like an American would flash the middle finger.

Tharean quickly looked away in distaste, "You really are vulgar."

Rinee noted the elf's reaction then feigned curiosity before working the gesture into her fingers to practice, "Thank... you." Kino seemed to almost beam at teaching her profanity.

It was then she garnered his attention, She gestured to herself, "This.. mine." She raised a middle finger in his direction - it actually felt satisfying - even though he didn't know what it meant until now.

The half breed laughed, "What the fuck does that mean?"

"Fuck you." Rinee responded cooly in flawless Okahlian.

Both men stared at her taken aback. Once she had their attention, she raised a middle finger in each of their faces, "Fuck you," she glared at Kino, then whipped her head at Tharean, "And fuck you as well."

"What the hell-?" Kino couldn't even finish as Rinee started on them, very cool at first then her voice began to crescendo.

"Both of you can go straight to hell." she ground out, relishing out good it felt to finally say it. "Trying to dictate my life as if I mean nothing." A flush came to her face as she wished she could shove them away, "Both of you are the biggest dicks I have ever met so far on this god-forsaken world!"

Both men were rendered speechless and suffered from Whiplash at her sudden departure from the quiet alien girl to this ball blistering woman that seethed before them. They were damn lucky she was not able to leave her bed, due to her injuries - or at least that's how she felt right then.

For a moment she relented, facing each one respectively, "I suppose I should thank you, Tharean for saving me a couple times - then leaving me out to dry when this asshole," she jerked her thumb at Kino, "came along and - OH!" She turned her attention to Kino, "AND YOU! You who breached the contract terms and kidnapped me!"

Kino stammered, "I - I didn't- "

"I read the damn contract!" (Even though she hadn't understood it at the time, the new language add on that was unexpectedly installed over night was bringing back the words... all of them) her arms gestured wildly as she spoke, "You needed permission directly from the Prince with special cases - and according to Elvish law, section 42, Article V; I AM A SPECIAL FUCKING CASE YOU MORON!!!"

Oh this was the best she had felt in days! All her anger and frustration poured out of her. Her heart humming in her ears at the rush of adrenaline wearing off, she had to catch her breathe.

"I am neither your property, nor your soldier!" Every ounce of her glowered at their completely baffled forms, "And don't think for a second longer that I I will follow you like some helpless dog who can't take care of herself!" She could feel all the energy starting to evaporate as the fatigue from sheer anger was settling in.

"So FUCK BOTH OF YOU!" she shoved her finger in their faces again, this time feeling the pain that the gestures were causing. She visibly winced and maintained it for as long as she could. With all her energy sapped out of her, she was panting.

Moments later the healer poked her head through the door with a bewildered look, "Is - Is everything okay in here?"

The men were still completely stunned at what just happened. Usually Kino would have immediately started arguing back, but he was put in his place on this one, so he remained quiet.

"I'm venting my frustrations to these two idiots." Rinee remarked with a strained expression as she felt the bandages grow warm from blood. She'd gesture too wildly in her tirade. "I think I hurt myself." In all honesty, Rinee couldn't move - it hurt so badly.

The healer gasped, running in and setting down the tray with bowls of soup. Immediately she shoved Kino away in order to examine Rinee, "She's bleeding." It was the woman's turn to glare at the two men, "You upset her, and now it will take her longer to heal!" She pointed at the door, "Please leave."

Wordlessly the two retreated, still a bit in shock. Tharean looked back briefly before closing the door after them.

"Xiaoxia, please calm yourself and breathe deeply."

Rinee started to tremble, mostly because the anger had robbed her of any energy she had, but she could not rest on her back. Part of her wanted to simply collapse but she would start bleeding on the bed if she gave up. Trying to listen to the healer, she took a ragged shallow breathe, and attempted to deepen it at every interval. Soon enough her breathing had slowed, however, she still trembled, even as the healer started using her energy to quick fix her wounds.

A grunt escaped her lips as a fierce burning sensation enveloped her back. "You will be okay, just try to relax, it will hurt for a little while - only because I'm rapidly healing broken skin."

The redhead then started to focus the leftover anger and used it to concentrate on healing - putting it to better use than tiring herself out. This was going to be a long night, thanks to those idiots.


Tharean paused on his way down the steps and looked back at the door. 'Did she really speak that fluently before?' he quietly mused.

Something must have changed, because her demeanor was enraged with confidence and intelligence. Maybe a close call with death must have triggered something within her.

"Tharean," Kino interrupted the elf's thoughts. He looked on inquisitively as the half dog beast continued - looking a bit withdrawn from his usual arrogant demeanor, "I may have breached the contract," he paused then looked away, "however, that does not change the fact that she needs to be ready for an impending war."

"Kino, I understand," Tharean frowned, "However we have to get the paperwork on her going so we can travel around."

Kino's brow furrowed, "Travel? Around?" The words seemed odd to him, he was the nomadic war general, travelling around was what he'd done since he were little. Part of him grew indiginant, "I'm not going anywhere, anytime soon."

The elf hesitated his response when a noise sounded from the kitchen. Warily he lowered his voice to nary a whisper, "You are the guardian of the fire stone... are you not?"

Kino's eyes narrowed, everyone knew about his supernatural powers, but not his powers over fire, "What is it to you?"
"I am gathering the stone guardians." Tharean simply stated.

Kino watched him with great scrutiny, his guardianship was something that he kept under lock and key so to speak. "Why?" the half breed then jerked his chin to the room upstairs, "And, What's so important about her in that case?"

Calmly Tharean reached into his pocket and showed him a marble shaped bloodstone. "I am the guardian of the earth stone... and she, I believe, is the guardian of the light stone."

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