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Short Story Challenge

Genre: Sci fi
Theme: Leap of faith

Charlotte stared in horror at the blinking red lights on the monitors before her.

"Thrusters," At first she whispered but then scrambled to open up another Communication channel with the pilot aboard the nearby fighter ship.

"Evelyn! Thrusters!" Charlotte's emerald eyes started tearing up as she saw the silhouette of the damaged ship quickly drifting towards the planet's red atmosphere.

With the sustained damage from the asteroid belt run, the ship would not survive the entry. The Conchords Shield was no longer working and the surface would melt away from the extreme friction.

"Evelyn, do you read me?!"

Only silence came from the Channel.

"Evelyn please! Do you read me?!"

Still nothing.

Desperate to save her best friend she stood and yanked the control panel from underneath the console to try and jump the ship back on. The asteroid belt run had depleted most of her power and damaged her solar recharge panels.

As it stood she was dead in the water... or space for that matter.

Anytime now the notorious Bounty Hunter Eriquis would be arriving to collect her. Their escape attempt to prove her innocence was now fruitless.

Anxiously she tied her dark honey curls back and attempted the communication channel again, "Evelyn do you read me!?"

This time a brief crackle and murmer came through. After some quick adjustments, Charlotte heard the sweetest voice she'd ever heard in her entire life.

"I read you, Darlin'" there was a pause, "You okay over there?"

Charlotte sighed in relief, tweaking the panel I an attempt to boost the signal. "Ship is dead, my charging panel is damaged. Shield is stable though."

She could hear the smirk in Evelyn's voice as she chided,  "next time, let's not take the asteroid belt as a shortcut."

Charlotte raised up and switched on the cam. The monitor switched from high alert to video communIcation. On the screen, Evelyn was beautiful - dark with cropped black hair and silver eyes.

Evelyn continued, "We should start our decent in two minutes," she seemed top glance around at her controls, getting reports from various ship systems, "If we work it right, we can reserve power to land safely. We'll have to defend slowly though..."

"We will have company by then."  Charlotte then snapped her finger with an idea. "We could skip this planet and head to --"

"We won't have time to do that either-" Evelyn cut her off, " right now we need to get onto this planet to maintain our advantage."

"Waiting until the last minute before we crash to start up the engines is it out of the question."

Evelyn paused, then looked up at the monitor earnestly, "Do you trust me?"

Charlotte hesitated at that loaded statement.

Evelyn started before Charlotte could answer, "You still have a shield, I still have thrusters, If we hook together we can boost our chances of a safe landing."

A few more moments of silence prompted Evelyn to square off, "So I ask you. Do you trust me?"

Charlotte felt her heart racing. The thought of dying from an entry incident was the last on her list of glorious ways to die. However, this beautiful wonderful woman that had stuck with her through this adventure.

"Yes." Popped out of her mouth unconsciously, "I trust you." Charlotte beamed up at the monitor, "If we go out, I go out with you by my side in a literal blaze of glory."

Evelyn blushed a tad but grinned, "Don't worry dearie, we'll be lounging on beach chairs sooner than you know it."

It was now or never.

Each sent out their gripping arms and pulled on one another until they could lock their ships together.

"You ready?" Evelyn prepared her thrusters as they descended.

Charlotte nodded.



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