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Aquarium AU - Tyler

The aquarium was probably one of Tyler Little's least favorite places to be on his birthday. Even so, his mother, Dr. Anne Stillwater, was treating him to a free VIP session behind the scenes since she worked at the facility.

A few of his friends worked there as well. Friends from high school he'd known quite a while. So it was no surprise that his friend Jade greeted him with a bear hug.

It had been a while. Two years to be exact.

It was at that point Ty left for Maryland to pursue his degree in nursing and a possible job opportunity but wound up coming back to Charleston to be with his family. Thankfully, he was a shoo-in at one of the local hospitals he worked at now.

Jade dragged him through the aquarium to see every one of their friends. Hyper would not let him leave the front desk without a hug. He was forced to accept a lunch invitation from GJ as well as RSVP to Sunny in the gift shop concerning the wedding. ( because of his recent move back to Charleston he only heard through his mother about their engagement)

Tyler was completely floored however when he witnessed Kai helping Mega back into the mermaid tank. The older brothers slipped back into the water and swam down to the artificial caves hewn for the mermaids privacy.

Ty was almost numb seeing the elder Springs twin in such a state. It triggered a series of flashbacks that he had to suppress quickly.

Thankfully Donnie was preoccupied with his ridiculous Crush suddenly walking in and everyone else snickering at the poor young God. Absently his silver eyes followed the red and gold flecks of Megas tail mottled in the water surface.

Then, he quickly turned his attention back , and joined in poking fun at Donnie and his ridiculous crush on Medley.

It wasn't until the dolphin tank with Alex that it really started bugging him more. And to be completely Fair, he was surprised it didn't happen sooner. It was the reason that Alex didn't say anything when he arrived and simply gathered him into a big hug.

Back in his teen years, Anne would drag him there to see everyone almost every weekend. He especially started visiting when we started college because of his friends working there too.

It had been two years since he stepped foot in this Aquarium. Today marked the fifth year anniversary of the accident.

His fingers grazed a small plaque on the side of the dolphin tank. The raised bronze lettering was a harsh reminder.

It had been years but Ty felt a prickle behind his eyes, and his throat went dry. The pain still felt fresh even though it had been so long.

Today was 5th anniversary of the day he became a widower.


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