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Aquarium AU: Jade the All-Seeing Tour Guide

Jade was the tour guide. She knew every critter in the aquarium and they knew her. Each of them had a name and a unique personality.

Everyday she would tap twice on the Beluga tank and the lovely false killer whale, Kloud, would stop by and greet the kids affectionately. Following their movements, nodding, waving, or spinning around. He was most certainly the charmer.

When she gathered the kids into the dolphin bay, the common dolphin, Jen was always happy to play with the kids, splashing, chirping or being rather cheeky. Jen's trainer Alex talked about care and things unique to dolphins, allowing Jade a small break for a couple minutes to grab herself a water or a snack while the kids sat entranced by the sleek mammal.

Most all of the trainers and employees were wonderful to work with - especially since most of them had been there for years. The christmas parties were most certainly interesting.

Occasionally, between tours, she would stop by the gift shop and say hello to everyone's favorite up and coming business-woman, Sunny. She was a shoe-in for the manager position once Ethan, the current store manager, transferred to the Aquarium Tropical de la Porte Doree in Paris. Hyper had the most ridiculous crush on the guy, it was a shame the boy was going so far away - especially after convincing Hyper to finally ask him out less than a week before.

Through all the fun times they shared there were literally only one trainer Jade did not care for. Hyper's sister, Veronica. Apparently her passive bitchy disposition transferred to the orca she was in charge of, Sari - Jade's least favorite creature. Sari had become very aggressive to share a tank with another Orca and the only other orca was transferred out this past summer. After several close calls with the visitors, the topside tours were being cancelled that week. One of the scientists had suggested adding the false killer whale, Kloud, to the tank - however they were fairly cautious about it given the orcas history.

The hot buzz from Hyper at the front desk was that they may be transferring Sari out and getting a whale shark in place of her. The tank was most certainly big enough to house one.

The thought of a whale shark greatly pleased Jade.

On her official break, she would deviate to any number of the rooms and hallways behind the tanks and nibble from her lunch cooler. Occassionally she'd talk to the divers or trainers - her favorites being Donnie. Despite being a "merman" Donnie was just a diver that attracted guests to the Mermaid shows.

If anyone said he wasn't hired for his looks, they'd be lying. Management almost completely overlooked his college degree and just added an extra zero at the end of his paycheck to get him to accept their job offer. He was partially indignant about not going into his field but relented that it was a foot - or fin in his case - in the door. Jade would usually find him resting his lungs for a bit in the back room and they would talk about various things including world events and the latest art happenings around their fair city of Charleston.

Sometimes Ashleigh would join in. She also was one of the mermaid show divers that was very sweet and shy - fairly quiet. There wasn't much she had to say but she certainly enjoyed listening to the backroom chat. Ashleigh was known for interacting with the kids by touching the glass and doing tricks for them- unlike Donnie who mostly wound up taking pictures with the crowd.  Jade had to revel though, the lung capacity on these two were amazing, but considering that they had been at it for a couple years now, they could outmatch any snorkeler.

Even sometimes the researchers popped in on her breaks and took measurements or pH levels or something. Will specialized in the land mammals, Anne specialized in the water mammals and Nikkoa specialized in sharks.

Quite often she would hold discussions with each of them respectively about their subjects. Especially since Jade knew about every creature in the facility, their habits, their likes and dislikes. It was because she spent almost all of her time learning and sharing her knowledge with excited children, curious adults and even the researchers that she now was almost the hub of the aquarium.

Not many things got by without her knowing.

She became known as the all seeing, all knowing Jade for a good reason.

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