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The sun rose late that morning, peeking through the skylights and illuminating the lobby. The aquarium was full of the natural light, but the hallways and the gift shop were still dimmed.

Inside of the giftshop, in the back left corner - near the exit - light seeped out from underneathe the office door. They were still on from the night before.

From inside, Sunny yawned and sat up from her comfortable position, hunched over the desk with her head in her arms. With a deep sniff she reached for her phone to shut off the soft piano alarm, telling her it was time to get up. The desk was covered in surveillance vhs tapes from the last few days. On the left was the computer, on the right was the small vhs tv. (The pile of VHS had been shoved a bit closer to the wall against the computer in order for Sunny to lay her head down.)

The only reason she was even able to take a three hour nap was due to fatigue.

On the flip side....

The only reason she was now instantly awake, was due to pure, unadulterated ire. Only this was steadily surpassing ire.

Sunny was fucking pissed.

A brief flashback from the night before haunted her mind as she unfurled her arms and legs to stretch. Memories slipped back to young Taylor, timidly explained everything that had happened, and how a fire had ignited in Sunny.

Sunny had a passion for business, she enjoyed managing, coordinating and delegating. However, she did not play games. This manager did not take this degree of steaming bullshit that had been handed to her. As a business professional, she had been royally offended that this turn of events even happened.

The chair grunted as it was pushed behind her when she stood. Sunny had been an absolute mess the night before after everyone else had left.

Why someone would do this to her? To the aquarium? They were all like family.  Sunny had rehearsed the scenario over and over. It all came with being a manager, but to do this this soon since her ascension to power, it threw her completely off guard.

Carefully she opened the door and the light from the office spilled into the dim gift shop. Everything was in order. The sales floor was cleaned and stocked. All merchandise was tagged. The drawers were counted and reconciled. The deposits were ready to head to the bank. And all the termination papers lay in a pile on top of the vhs tapes, filled out and ready to serve.

Someone was getting fired, and she had all the evidence she needed paused on the screen of the tv.

A ding from her phone snapped her out of her thoughts and she quickly read the loving "Good Morning Sunshine" message from Kai. Her stomach growled, so instead of typing in something sweet, her only response was: "Bagel" ... followed up by "Coffee".  His only response, was "Yes Ma'am."

It was just after 6.30am - about time for staff and trainers to start showing up. The aquarium didn't open until 10am anyway, so they had the couple of hours to tend to the babies. Between meal prep, feeding, grooming, health care, and cleaning the tanks, those couple hours go by quickly before they have to take most of it behind the scenes. Even then, it didn't end. The days usually went by quickly because there was much to do anyway.

Sunny needed a serious pick me up, before her day went into the toilet and she hid in the backroom until closing time. She flipped the flourescents on in the shop, leaving the track spot lights off for now until they were supposed to open, and closed the door behind her.

After a quick refreshing trip to the bathrooms, she came back groomed, fresh and ready to bitch someone out. And that person was on morning shift.

Lord have mercy on their soul.




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