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Aquarium AU: Welcoming the Newbie

The entire aquarium was abuzz about the new arrival. His story was a bit tragic but they were excited and ready to accommodate the new guy. The loading dock was on the backside of the building, near the marina docks. They received and shipped out creatures at times, not as often now that they have been established for over a decade, but every new addition was welcomed with open arms.

After breakfast, the staff and trainers had gathered at the loading docks. Since it was still a couple hours before open there were customers to accommodate and so all the staff had arrived early in order to greet this new fellow.

Jade stood beside Hyper as they all watched the truck back in, ready to lend a hand. The sun was still barely peaking over the trees when the new guy arrived. Jade was still in her casual wear of jeans and a tshirt - since it was her day off - her curly light brown hair fell to her shoulders and framed her natural, hazel eyed, grinning face.

"Isn't this exciting?!" she nudged Hyper - the dark haired beauty was dressed in a tea length navy dress (decorated with white patterned anchors), that complimented her dark caramel complexion.

"Yes! Oh I can't wait!" Hyper smiled widely, grey eyes sparkling and nodded, her long earrings swinging to her movements, "I want to hug him."

Jade's smirking response was cut off by the group parting down the middle for the loaders Blythe and Tobias. Blythe's dark, spiked hair was covered in a hankerchief, a tanned complexion, and he had a blue janitorial jumpsuit flittering in the morning breeze. In matching gear and brown eyes, Tobias had short cropped brown hair and a soul patch. Only his two lower legs were artificial, and by all means sturdy.

Jade fished her phone to take pictures for Gran just as GJ (Blythes less serious twin) finally walked through the parting, geared up in his black and red wet suit and helped open up the doors once the trailer was over the dock edge.

Behind Hyper was the blond, green eyed god, Donnie of whom looked on curious... and only in his jeans. Beside him was trainer Alex already in her black wet suit with purple and lime green stripes for the day her hair was pulled back and matching in coloration. Her lavendar eyes raked him with a smirk, "Ready for a new tank-mate Adonis?" He only rolled eyes and leaned so he could get a better view of the interior of the small six wheel tractor trailor.

GJ, Blythe and Tobias disappeared and out popped Dr. Nikkoa. The older woman had beautiful brown hair pulled into a simple pony tail, bangs flipped to the side of her vivid brown eyes. She was sporting the Aquarium's sky blue polo tucked into her black work pants with black loafers. Usually she'd have her lab coat on, but it was inside of the truck soaked against the chair she'd been sitting in. Nikki also appeared to have been soaked multiple times, probably trying to help with transport.

Usually they would bring in a tank or if it were a whale, they would use a sling. The aquarium however had borrowed a gourney from the closest hospital and hoisted Mega onto it.

Blythe came back out and helped pull the gourney out as gently as they could. At first all you could see was a fire red tail, then slowly the rest came out of the truck. He was completely covered in white wet towels and held down with straps to ensure he didn't slip off. Finally the back park came out, not without some jar because of the two inch drop.

The young man took very short frequent breaths. Dr. Nikkoa clapped her hands at everyone taking their curious gazes away from him and onto her, "He's been out of water for about a half hour, we need to get him back in quickly." she pointed to the interior of the building, "I need everyone to clear a pathway from here to the Mermaid tank, stat!"

Obligingly the staff and trainers held doors and held elevator doors and assisted in getting to the shallow pool of the tank near the top.

With all the excitement Gran surfaced at the pools edge and propped herself up to sit.  Mega had weakened from breathing in air for too long, his lungs were no long able to stay out of water for too long - his breathing was becoming labored.
It took six of them, but Nikkoa, GJ, Alex, Veronica, Blythe and Tobias lifted Mega from the gourney and laid him down in the water, removing the towels.

Nikkoa was completely soaked, but was not in the mood to care as she knelt beside him, easing him into the water so he could breathe the water through the gills on his neck. The others stood and backed away while she watched his breathing return to normal - or what was apparently normal for Mers.

Gran caught GJs eye and signed questionably asking if he were the one they'd discussed earlier. GJ nodded to confrim. Carefully Gran slid towards the shallow end and beside Nikkoa who looked completely distraught, but trying to keep it together. The rest watched as Gran smiled and took her hand. "You know my son Kai?" the older woman smiled and nodded, "This is his brother, Altmega."

From behind, them Jade nudged and whipered to Hyper who had been transfixed by the boy.  "Don't tell Kai, but Mega is hotter." Hyper snickered only to have Kai whisper, "I heard that." Jade only snorted as Kai pushed past them. He was Mega's twin so he looked almost exactly like him. In looks at least - Kai was still human, and Mega had a double striped scar over his left eye from the sting.

The younger twin wore his royal blue and black striped wet suit. Carefully he stepped into the shallow pool and knelt beside the trio. Gran greeted him with a sympathetic smile, she signed to him, "I promise to take care of him, my son." She turned to NIkkoa and took her hand in both of hers and squeezed reassuringly.

Kai nodded and then turned to his mother, "He is in good hands."  That seemed to comfort her quite a bit.

"We should probably get him swimming." Gran nodded and backed away into the drop off into the tank. "Gj?" The man abliged, walking back over and slipping his arms underneathe the tail while Kai grabbed Mega's shoulders. They gently floated him over the drop off for Gran to take his hand to get him started.

Right now, he had to get oriented and used to swimming and they had to get everything prepared for when the flood of people come in to see the new attraction - as advertised in the newspaper and on the signs out front - which seemed tacky in Jade's opinion.

Let be the boy adjust first for goodness sakes~!

This was going to be a long day for everyone it seemed.

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